@Infinisil has updated the community on the Nix Constitutional Assembly, pertaining to the target date, public repository, office hours, and interviews. The assembly members have been working out the details over the last few weeks and have set a goal for completion of this work by 2024-09-01. In addition to this target date, a place for housing related documents has been created on GitHub. This repository is intended to serve as the central point of information for the assembly. Office hours and interviews are also now running in an effort to gather feedback and answer questions. Open office hours and information on requesting a private interview can be found in the linked announcement.

@hellwolf released mk-cache-key.nix, a tool for helping to improve caching in CI for projects that have not fully adopted Nix yet. For more detailed usage information and examples, see the project on GitHub.

Security fixes this week:

New packages added this week:

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